D-Link DIR 890L Tri-Band Router Review

D-Link DIR 890L

The D-Link DIR 890L goes in many ways a notch higher than any other router in 2016. It produces recording breaking results in throughput tests and is also the coolest looking router around. It features six adjustable antennas and a glossy red finish.

It’s the performance that sets D-Link DIR 890L router apart from the rest of the pack. It can comfortably serve as the leader of any extreme gaming setup.

The sci-fi looks is worth it as it is fast and easy to use, with an exceptionally stable Wi-Fi signal. It can also act as a capable network storage server when hosting an external hard drive.

You will be happy with the D-Link DIR 890L if you have lots of Wi-Fi compatible devices and are looking for a powerful yet easy to use router.

Keep reading to find out what score we give the D-Link DIR 890L in our review below.



Speed: 3200Mbps
Compliance: IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac
Security: Push button WPS

It doesn’t look like a typical router; it pillars a completely unique design, in fact, you may confuse it for a drone. The D-Link DIR 890L is the most attention-seeking networking device we may have ever seen!

It has a pyramid-like design with six external antennas. Measuring 4.7 by 15.2 by 9.7 inches, it is definitely one of the bigger routers available.

It features six LED indicators that monitor activity on the USB ports and 2.4GHs and 5GHz bands, power status, and internet connection status.

In the rear, it has four Ethernet Gigabit ports, two USB ports, and an internet port. And of course the power buttons, Wi-Fi Protected Setup and also a reset button.

Inside is a 1GHz dual-core processor and support for 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless networking.

The D-Link DIR 890L can achieve speeds of up to 3,200Mbps. With the Beamforming technology, it provides support for a stronger signal reception for wireless clients. The featured SmartConnect technology acts as a traffic monitor to provide wireless clients to a band with the most bandwidth.

The user-friendly web-based management console provides for easy setup and configuration besides offering the possibility of remote management via a smartphone using the mydlink Life mobile app.

The web-interface has a simple, not-congested home page allowing for easy navigation and monitoring of the internet status, default gateway information subnet mask and router’s IP address.



Installation of the D-Link DIR 890L is easy and fast. You simply connect the router to your PC or laptop using an included Ethernet cable, type the router’s local IP address in your browser, and use the provided wizard to configure the router.

The whole process takes about five minutes but can take more time if using security settings, customized SSIDs and router names.



The D-Link DIR-890L has the fastest wireless throughput scores on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Speed on the 2.4GHz mode is 92.7Mbps on close proximity. At 30 feet, speed is about 82Mbs.

On the 5GHz 80211n mode, speed is amazing producing the highest score to date of 207Mbps at 5 feet and 195Mbps at 30 feet.

USB drive read/write transfer speed is 52.2MBps on the 1.5GB read test, which is impressive.