Coredy N300 WiFi Range Extender Review


Speed: 300Mbps
Compliance: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Security: Push button WPS

The Coredy N300 makes some big boasts right out of the box. At a price of less than £25, we were skeptical. The manufacturer Coredy makes some bold statements:

  • The N300 will eliminate dead spots.
  • Boasts wide coverage – even in your garden!
  • Takes minutes to set up

Those are some very big boasts that we had to put to the test.

For our test setup, we used an Amazon Firestick and a standard BT router. The router was placed on the ground floor and our firestick was placed on the third floor of our building – so a fair distance.

First we tested the Firestick with just the standard wireless router. Going into the settings of the Firestick, showed that our WiFi signal strength from the BT router was “poor”.

We attempted to stream some HD content over YouTube and it most definitely did appear to be a “poor” signal. We had cut outs, buffering and loss of connection all together!

Cue the Coredy N300…. **Drum roll please….**

In our tests, the first thing we did was check back into our firestick settings – we were greeted with a signal quality of excellent. Very Promising…

We attempted to stream the same HD content via YouTube. It played and boy did it play well. No cut outs, no buffering – just glorious HD streaming content!

Onto the finer points.

The instructions are clear and extremely easy to follow (if you have any experience with similar products, you will know that they – well – leave a lot to be desired). With these instructions – you don’t have to have a degree in Computer Science to get it working.

Setup its self is very easy. Plug it into your plug socket. We set the Coredy N300 up as a wiresless repeater (we wanted to keep the same SSID and stay on the same network for ease). We simply did this:

  1. Set the switch to repeater
  2. Pressed the WPS button on the front – the LED will flash meaning it’s in pairing mode
  3. We went to the router and pressed the WPS button on that
  4. It synced up within 30 seconds (although the instructions state it can take upto 60 seconds)
  5. Voila – we had an extended WiFi network!

The build quality is not bad – it’s plastic and won’t be to everyone’s taste. It’s incredibly small and compact and will fit virtually anywhere you have a plug socket. The buttons are the weakest part of this Coredy N300 review.